Although these works are mostly non-objective, they are all narrative, meaning there is a story behind each one. The impetuses for these paintings might be some new piece of science, a current event, a passage from a book, article or song, a conversation overheard or perhaps things I’m grappling with on a more personal level, either psychologically or physically.

The compositions refer back to ways I might be visualizing complex information that I‘m trying to understand, sensations I’m experiencing in my aging female body or perhaps global situations that cause personal consternation. The mood I’m aiming for is somewhere between dark optimism and light nihilism. We might all be doomed but perhaps we can go into it with a pleasant countenance as to not make it any worse. 

These are acrylic paintings on stretched canvas. Some of these pieces incorporate other media which may include the following: spray paint, acrylic paint pen, glitter, gold leaf, silver leaf, or fabric. The scale of these works are between 30 x 40 inches and 40 x 60 inches.

Ongoing Concerns series 2016-2019

Plotting Oblivion series 2012-2015