Tomorroshambo, is a series of small, diaristic, mixed media works on paper, was created over the course of a few years (2015—2019). Each piece measures about 7.5 x 11.5 inches. Decoder available below.

Tomorroshambo Secret Decoder:

groups of circles = networking, family, social circle, peers, colleagues, community

teeth = smile, bite, fear, ferocity but also vulnerability, treasure, and/or sensitivity

rainbows = illusion, pure joy, radiance, hope, wonder, natural phenomena, but also mystery, implausibility, futility, uncommon balance, and/or lies

fruit-like forms = temptation, curiosity, possible knowledge, adventure, discovery, and/or sensuality

egg-like forms = fertility (or infertility), hope, protection, possibility, chance, and/or ideas

rocks/cairns = way finding, warning balance, stability, precariousness, communing through time and space, help, advice, body, and/or death

phallic forms = phallic things, sex, eating, nurturing, growing, swelling, pointing and/or shrinking

obstacles, cages, fences = containment, sequestering, punishment, compartmentalization, setting boundaries, holding space, and/or barriers (both real and imagined, both internal and external)

shells = home, protection, safety, comfort, patience, self-sufficiency, economy, ambulation and/or nomadism

ice cream/frozen treats = being present, the ephemeral, sweetness in life, sweet death, vice, craving, indulgence, relief, the temporal and/or the nature of changing